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Tetris – 40 Lines in Under 20s

I thought I was good. A player called Keroco uploaded a video completing a 40 line completion challenge in under 20s (that’s very, VERY impressive). For those that have stuck with ‘casual’ Tetris this video may seem impossible… but as someone who loves Speed Tetris (the only game I play on my PSPGo), enjoyed “Ectasy of Order” (a documentary about the best Tetris players in the world), and aspires to a “40 lines under 30 sec” goal this is believable.

Fun Fact: Tetris may help treat lazy eyes, and alleviate effects of PTSD.

If you want to give it a try, you can download the same game that Keroco used in the video – “NullpoMino”. Its an open-source version of Tetris for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It’s also free!

Forget Solitaire and Hearts on your work laptop, and download NullpoMino instead.